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Fluttering Blossoms of the Era by Fouffey Fluttering Blossoms of the Era by Fouffey
Just quick headshot pixels mostly for color pallet and hair style reference of my new Hakuouki OCs... Hakuouki is actually what inspired my group, so these OCs might also end up being used for the group.

For our purposes we will be 'changing history' so that none of the shisengumi end up dying through battles or by drinking the Ochimizu. Instead, for three of those that do drink the elixir, they will end up becoming true oni through a matching ritual with an oni. We have seen this done in a few series so decided to use that to save the guys from expanding their life forces.

The first of these girls is a mixed blood illegitimate child. She is half Japanese half European (probably British or something) 20 year old. Her 'father' was the head of a dojo and raised her as his heir due to the fact he was infertile. Her real name is Amy but after her father dies and the dojo is abandoned she travels under the name Amagiri (which can mean rain slash/strike/cut) due to it's similarity to her real name and the sword connotations. Since woman are not supposed to carry a blade, Amagiri dresses as a man in her travels. She trains youth in swordsmanship for pay but never stays in one village long. When she arrives in Kyoto ends up getting caught loosening her chest binding by Shinpachi. She'll get caught up in the group and end up joining them. Despite the idea of a good woman in Japan, Amagiri is actually rather perverted. She likes to tease and joke around, but most of the time it is dirty minded in nature. Though she often hides it and just appears to be a lighthearted and cheerful girl who likes to joke around. She is eventually paired with Shinpachi.

The next is Yua, her name means 'binding love'. She is the elder of my two oni-sisters but also the more open and trusting one. Yua has narcolepsy and thus spends much of her time either 'waking up' and therefore tired or actually asleep. But she is a friendly girl if a bit airheaded, has no problem being teased (though it often flusters her) and usually teases back or reacts sheepishly. She is not the most predictable person and often surprises people by reacting in a way they don't expect. Likes to be helpful and tries her best to be the older sister even if at times her younger sister is more mature. Yua is 19 years old though looks a bit younger than that. Has a lightly more 'womanly' figure than her sister despite appearing a similar age. She is the type that has no problem talking about herself but if told other's secrets will hold them without fail. She and her younger sister originally meet the shinsengumi when Yua ends up falling asleep in the middle of the road just in front of the patrol groups. They get taken in and eventually later on a half asleep Yua stumbles into Souji's room and ends up falling asleep next to him... him waking up later to find a 'dead body' on top of him. Due to both being not exactly fit for battle or chaos (Souji due to his illness and Yua due to her random bouts of death-sleep) they end up spending a lot of time together. Normally only her sister is able to wake her up, but later on Heisuke and even further later on Souji can wake her up. Otherwise Yua will sleep for hours or even days on end since her oni body can last long periods of time in the coma like state. As expected if people see the pattern yet, Yua will be paired with Souji and 'cure' him from the fury-state as well as cure his illness. My logic for this being the elixir was 'incomplete' and since he already had a weakened life force the elixir was unable to cure the illness. But, with true oni blood and Yua's own blood the two healing life forces were able to cure the illness.

And lastly is Yua's younger sister by 4/5 years, Noa. See, punny matching names. Noa means 'my love', and Noa herself calls Yua 'Yunee'. Noa acts open and cheerful, a friendly warm and joking girl. She has no problem goofing off and acting open with everyone around her. In actuality, she is the more untrusting sibling. While Yua will easily let others into her life, Noa will be on high guard while keeping an eye on people by acting friendly. This is due to Noa always being the one to care for and look after her older sister. Noa is also the more possessive of the two, while Yua does not mind being possessed over and guarded, Noa would prefer her own claim be just as visible as the man that has claimed her. As one of the younger ones Noa and Yua are closest to Heisuke out of the group, often spending time with him and joking around with him. As such he is one of the first to actually gain Noa's trust, along with the more serious of the group (Saitou, Yamazaki, and Toshizou). Later on, though it takes some time, she trusts everyone in the group. Noa views Chizuru as something amusing and even though she has a more 'toy' opinion of the other oni, Noa is actually rather fond of and friendly with Chizuru. Chizuru is the only girl that Noa wont get jealous of, discounting Yua of course. After 'corrupting' via Shinpachi and Amagiri it is Noa and Heisuke that learn of the way to turn those that drink the elixir into true oni. So, of course, Noa is paired with Heisuke.

For once, Shi has more characters than Fou... but Fou was happy as long as got Souji... >>;;;
For those that are curious... Amagiri has Neji-style hair and her hair is roughly the same length as his. Yua's hair is considerably longer than Noa's so most of it is kept up in a bun on the back-top of her head, the rest is dangling from a wavy ponytail she often pulls over her shoulder. The hair probably does down to at least her upper leg. Noa on the other hand has hair that only goes just past her shoulder blades.
Above you see Yua and Noa in their normal coloring and oni-form coloring.

Base: [link]
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