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Inheriting Greatness - Vongola XI by Fouffey Inheriting Greatness - Vongola XI by Fouffey
So I'll be working on these next while I await to see if I can get more roles filled out. If I cannot then I'll just create characters myself.

For now here is the 11th generation Vongola, or the ones belonging to me. Once I get refs for them I'll update the remaining spots.... if dA will let me update files! *grumbles*
Anyway, I'll put little blurbs about them and their name in order.

Sawada Yoshimitsu - Son of Sawada Tsunayoshi & Sawada Ne`e Sasagawa Kyoko, Vongola XI Boss
Yoshi is a kind guy like his dad, though not gullible like Tsuna often can be. Easily flustered around women which caused a bit of a problem in his youth with Hanabi praising the ground he walked on. Uses the Vongola Gear and as such has a hand-to-hand combat style.

Gokudera Hanabi - Daughter of Gokudera Hayato & Guilia, Vongola XI Storm "Stratagy"
Hanabi is pretty much a mini fem version of her father. Extremely tsundere, loud, dirty mouthed, violent... and a genius. She is irritable and easily flustered. Out of the group she has the most piercing and wears the most jewelry. Has a punk like fashion similar to her father. Flat as a board and only stands at 5'2" so wears heels so she can at least be the same height as her twin brother. Due to her smarts and sour personality she takes on the strategy responsibilities of the right hand man. Fights with pistols like G, is favored by Uri.

Gokudera Kazuto - Son of Gokudera Hayato & Guilia, Vongola XI Storm "Battle"
Kazuto is a more mild version of his sister. The street/people smart one despite his below average textbook intelligence. He is usually the one keeping his sister in line. Has the same haircut as his sister but pulls it back in a ponytail. Is the taller one out of the two and the one to wield the Storm Vongola Gear. Uses a dynamite and is despised by Uri similar to his father. Once dressed up like his sister to try and get Shamal to teach him. While his sister does the planning, he does the fighting. Often goes and does diplomatic things as the better natured twin.

Yamamoto Asayoshi - Son of Yamamoto Takesho & Yamamoto Ne`e Kanari Gianna, Vongola XI Rain
Asa is very similar to his father. Easy going and lighthearted, go with the flow. Often found to be teasing the twins. Is highly intelligent and tactical with great skill in reading the situation, true natural born hitman. Much like his father, Asa has a habit of playing the fool instead of showing this. Cares deeply for his family but is especially close to the twins whom he is in a group relationship with. Fights with the Shigure Kintoki or the Rain Vongola Gear and uses Shigure Soen Ryu. Is the main diplomat within the group.

Sasagawa Kyohei - Son of Sasagawa Ryohei & Sasagawa Ne`e Kurokawa Hana, Vongola XI Sun
Sort of a calmer version of his father, though can be just as excitable as a kid when it comes to certain things. Is rather oblivious but has a sunny personality that you just can't be mad at... at most exasperated. Just as talented and loves Boxing just as much as his father did, though was probably a more popular captain than his father. Is probably ADHD.

Eliseo "LiuWei" Bovino - Son of Lambo Bovino & I-Pin, Vongola XI Lightning
Loud and brash similar to his father as a child, but in a more mature fashion. Likes to show off and can be rather prideful at times. Is a tech nerd and often can be found invading Haruichi's bubble. Created all his weapons (besides the Vongola Gear) on his own with a little starting help from Haruichi and Aiden. Will sometimes try to act cool and collected similar to his TYL and 2TYL father but that's only when he wants to be seen as cool. Wears special goggles and even has a modified 'hoverboard' like skateboard. When it comes down to it can be serious and will truly take on the grown nature of his father as well as the strength of his mother. Skilled in Martial arts as well as the Bonivo techniques.

Tanaka Chieko - 'Adopted Daughter' of Hibari Kyoya, Vongola XI Cloud
This girl is the only non-blood related guardian being taken in to replace Hibari among the ranks in the XI generation. Despite not being related she is just as quiet and unfriendly as the other. Hates crowding but if you leave her alone, she'll leave you alone... Kyohei does not seem to understand this at all, yet they have somehow become endeared to each other. Chieko was the Disciplinary Committee Chairwomen of Namimori when she attended. Did not meet the others until middle school and it was around then that the famiglia took her in, for her parents were never around anyway. Fights with war fans and senbon besides the vongola gear. As a true cloud she is rarely around the others and is usually in Japan while the others live in Italy.

Joushima Rin - Daughter of Joushima Ken & Joushima ne`e Dokuro Chrome, Vongola XI Mist
Rin... is rather twisted. She acts very similar to her father, liking to appear rough and tough so appearing very tsundere. She isn't very bright and is easily confused... not that she'll ever admit it. Devoted deeply to anyone she cares about and will kill anyone who harms them. Has a split personality that will show up from time to time. A true sadist Mukuro could be proud of shows up when Rin is either pissed or fighting. Loves to destroy the minds of her opponents and drive them past the point of insanity. Intense lasting pain is good too, she just wants to hear them scream and watch them squirm. Was taught to fight by Mukuro and Bella which is how she acquired her sadist nature. Highly skilled in Illusions and trident use. Has sun flames as well but rarely if ever uses them. Constantly wears her box weapon and the Mist Vongola Gear.

Yoshimitsu's Hair: CourtJesterMieko
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prika-senpai Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I REALLY loved this XI Generation characters and out fit!!!
Fouffey Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
<33 thank you! They were a lot of fun to develop and figure out. I have a few other NG reference sheets like this in my gallery if you are interested~ 
prika-senpai Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i'll go see it, for sure o//
Fouffey Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
<333 I'll be updating sheets with better references soon.
happycat1234 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
you mean dagther right
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